Century Club

What is the Century Club??

Century Club is a group of generous people who by donating $100 per year receive a plate on the donor plaque that hangs near the concession stand, during the hockey season. The plate may be for the donors themselves, or in memory or honor of someone. The funds collected through this are used by the discretion of the AAYHA Board of Directors.

Century Club Members

In Memory of Dick Gesell

Richard Olk

John & Elsa McKenna

Geno & Didi McKenna

In Memory of Jim Jansen

Volm Companies

Tom & Karen Novak

Fred & Kathleen Kelm

In Memory of Tony Koszarek

Clint & Corrie Kassler

Eric & Theresa Schroeder

Mark & Sherry Hanke

Dave & Sherri Parsons

Raymond Portman

Strasser Roller Funeral Home

Karl's Transport

Bill & Mary Burt

In Memory of Vernon McKinney

Craig & Laura Husnick

AAYHA Hall of Fame

In Memory of Gail & Robert J. LeVeque

In Memory of Mike Zelazoski

Dick & Ann Majewski

Schroeder Bros. Farm

Zelazoski Wood Products

Jim & Elaine Sieckert

Gary & Charlene Fleischman

Bob & Maggie Klessig

Katie & Doug Klemp

Antigo Dental Clinic

In Memory of Bob Koszarek

In Memory of Jer Hilger/Shelby Gray

Marie Schmidt

Matt & Trina Borneman

Jake & Ashley Leiterman

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