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in the Clover Room.

Everyone is welcome!



Blue Line Meetings

At Northstar Lounge

To be announced

Contact Mike Levis






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Rink Location

1633 Neva Road

Antigo, WI 54409



Mailing Address:


PO Box 462

Antigo, WI 54409





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December 2015 Newsletter







Policies and Procedures Updated Oct.2015






Attention Members: Attached is a New Transfer Policy approved by the Board of Director's and effective for the upcoming season.








Feb. 27 - Mar. 1




Attorney John Rhode

Richard & Jonnie West



United Steelworkers

Spiegel Construction

Smitty's Bar

Waldvogel Trucking

Zelazoski Wood Products




Mike Wolter Potatoes

Thirsty Soul

Super 8

Northcentral Technical Welding Club



Kwik Trip


Sartori Cheese

Langlade Hospital

Langlade Springs


Donna & Andy Krueger

The Mite Families


Thanks to all coaches, parents, friends, and Fans of Antigo Youth Hockey. We appreciated your support !!







A Day in the life of JOE PISKULA, with a nice segment of ANTIGO DAY at the Admirals in Milwaukee.


Click HERE for the YouTube Video.






The Letter to Members of AAYHA by Vice President, Dom Hilger

Click Here







Volunteers are needed to be mentors for new members.

This is very important for the new kids.

If you can help, please contact Becky McPhail at








Positions Available:





AAYHA is in need of adult referees. Please encourage anyone that may be interested to get registered for a seminar. Contact Mike Sohasky at 715-627-4025 or Dom Hilger at for details and for any questions.


2014 Referee Pay Schedule



Mite (1/2 Ice) $10 / hr. $13 / hr.
Mite (Full Ice)


Squirt $20 $23
PeeWee $23 $26
Bantam, U-19 & Seniors $26 $29
Mileage for out-of-town Refs. $.40 / mile  




Building & Grounds


Anyone interested in helping the Building & Grounds Chairperson,

Steve Berg, contact him at 715-623-7762.

This person would assist him in his service, maintenance, and construction
of all facilities and mechanical equipment owned or used by the AAYHA.



Equipment Manager


This person will be charge of coordinating, selection and
maintenance of all player equipment purchased by the AAYHA.

Contact the if interested in the position.



Want to Drive the Zamboni???

If you are interested in learning how to drive the Zamboni, contact the board at for more information.



Officers and Board of Directors:


Caleb McPhail President
John Majewski Vice-President
Caleb McPhail Secretary - Past President
Seth Nelson Treasurer
Brian Bunnell Board Member
Steve Berg Board Member 715-610-3600
Jamie LeVeque Board Member 715-623-5942
Dan Turunen Board Member 715-627-7288
Roxanne Spencer Board Member
Clint Kassler Board Member
Matt Borneman Board Member    
Matt Converse
Board Member    
Ray Turney Board Member    
Matt Borneman

Boys High School

Head Coach


Nicole Bunce

Girls High School Coach
Dawn Walbeck Newsletter/Hours Collector    
Steve Berg Building & Grounds 715-610-3600
Roxanne Spencer Scheduler
Amy Converse Head Tournament Director 715-350-9010
Matt Borneman Ace Coordinator    
Becky McPhail Initiation Director
Dawn Walbeck Association Registrar 715-216-0351
Carol Berg Jerseys



This is a reminder that when you are at the rink and see others working, please chip in and help while waiting for your skater. There is always something to do: sweeping, picking up, taking garbage out, cleaning locker rooms, and cleaning the glass. Team cleanup schedules are posted below. Each team is assigned a two week period that they are responsible for. Any work you do will earn work hours at the same time. This is one of the more important jobs of the rink, as ones first impression of our association is how clean or dirty our rink is.


Rink Clean Up Schedule:

Each team is assigned a 2 week period in which they are responsible for cleaning up; however, you can still help clean even if your team is not responsible for clean up. Things that need to be done include cleaning locker rooms, emptying garbage cans, sweeping under the bleachers and outside kitchen area, and washing glass around the rink. Brooms can be found in the hallway leading to the back locker rooms. Be sure to put them back when you are finished.

DEC. 20 -JAN 2 PEEWEES    
JAN. 2 - JAN. 15 BANTAMS    
JAN. 16 - JAN. 29 SQUIRTS    
JAN. 30. - FEB. 12 MITES  
FEB. 13 - FEB. 26 PEEWEES  
Pitch in & help where needed.
MAR 12 - ? EVERYONE    

Remember this is our rink....just because your team isn't on the clean up can still help keep our rink clean. We all need to do our part to keep the rink looking great!



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Practice Schedule

3:30-6:30 High School
6:30-7:30 Mites
6:30-8:00 Squirts
7:30-9:00 PeeWee A
3:30-6:30 High School
6:30-8:00 Squirts
7:30-9:00 Bantams
3:30-6:00 High School
6:00-7:00 Initiation
7:00-8:30 PeeWee B
7:30-9:00 Bantams
3:30-6:30 High School
6:30-7:30 Mites
7:30-9:00 PeeWees A and B
3:30-6:30 High School

Skills - All levels, plus goalies or Open Hockey

6:00-8:45 AM High School
8:45-9:45 AM Initiation



Times include Zamboni between practices



Thanks !

to everyone who helped make the ZAMBONI RAFFLE a huge success,


Congratulations to the lucky winners:


Greg Kretz

Dan & Amy Bernau


Matt Shinners

Dick, Deb,etc. Swartzendruber's


Lane Grabow

Pat Lund

Andy & Donna Krueger

Jeff Pahls

Gary & Charlene Fleishman

Jenny & Mike Krahenbuh

Jayne Zelly & Ken Michels

Mike & Pam Sohasky









to the Sponsors of our

SQUIRT Tournament !


R.J. Hilger & Sons

Dr. Earl Roth, DC

Fred & Kathie Kelm

My Little Angels Day Care

Ministry Medical Group

Berg Appraisal Services


and all the many Donations


Ministry Medical Group

Schroeder Brother's Farms



Schroeder's Gifts

Kwik Trip

Super 8

Milwaukee Admirals

Krueger Chiropractic

North Star Lanes

Langlade Springs

Steve and Cheri Marx

Linssen Family

Squirt Families


We appreciate your support!







Thank You !


to the

Birnamwood Lions Club for their generous donation of $325 for much needed First Aid Kits for our Teams.


Thanks also, to Darcy Dickman for all her work in this

regard and taking care of the details.



Thank You!!!!! Theresa Knight, for the great work as Chairperson of the Zamboni Raffle. Theresa Knight for keeping us informed with the excellent newsletters. Shane Lund for your hard work as rink caretaker. Great job! Michele Nagel and Marie Schmidt for taking care of the Kitchen. Jamie Kirsch and Amy Converse for coordinating the Fall Fundraiser




Winter Work Hours


25 hours per Skater Required - Maximum of 75 Hours.


Working in the kitchen, cleaning up around the rink, driving the zamboni, volunteering for tournaments, organizing hockey days....all are great ways to earn hours! One hour is also earned each time you attend a board meeting. Board meetings are held 2nd Wednesday of each month @ 7 pm in the Clover Room at the rink.





Memorial Fund


A Memorial fund has been set up for anyone interested in donating by way of wills, special intentions and gifts to the AAYHA. Most of the memorial fund is earmarked for a scholarship for a senior boy or girl who was involved in Antigo Area Youth Hockey.




Summer Work Hours

15 hours per family (4 hours for 1st Year Families)

Working at fundraisers (brat fry, etc.), set up and take down of rink for Summer Camp, working in kitchen and driving zamboni during Summer Camp...are all great ways to earn hours! One hour is also earned each time you attend a board meeting.